You must be able to speak, read, write and understand the English language. The test given by the Oregon State Board of Nursing for certification to become a CNA is offered ONLY in English. The textbook and classroom tests are written only in English.

With your permission, we will initiate a criminal background check on you. This is required by the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN). There are some crimes that prevent a person from EVER being licensed by the OSBN. The crimes are:

     Aggravated Murder.
     First and second degree manslaughter.
     First and second degree assault.
     First and second degree criminal mistreatment.
     First degree kidnapping.
   ●  First, second and third degree rape.
     First, second and third degree sodomy.
     First and second degree unlawful sexual penetration.
     First and second degree sexual abuse.
     Contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor.
     Sexual misconduct
     Child abandonment.

ALL OTHER CRIMES ARE CONSIDERED ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS as far as the OSBN is concerned. Even if you have a criminal history problem you MAY still be accepted into our program. Please discuss your concerns with the Program Director.

CLICK HERE to download the Oregon Department of Human Services list of potentially disqualifying crimes.

You must be able to read at the sixth grade level or above. Our class moves rather quickly. If you struggle with reading, you may fall behind.

Prior to completing the course, you MUST complete a "Healthcare Provider" CPR class. The card you receive upon completing it must have the logo of the American Heart Association on it. Here's some good news: We offer the class you'll need and we can make arrangements for you to complete the CPR class prior to completing our CNA course. THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR THE CPR CLASS–IT IS NOT PART OF THE TUITION. You may take the CPR class from another vendor if you prefer as long as it meets OSBN requirements.

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