Clackamas Nursing Assistant Training Program Summary of Policies for Students
The policies outline the rules and expectations students must follow.
PLEASE READ the policies BEFORE the first day of class.

Clackamas Nursing Assistant Training Enrollment Agreement
You will be required to complete the enrollment agreement on the first day of class.
You DO NOT need to print this. The Agreement form will be provided on the first day. Please review it here prior to the first day of class.

Oregon Department of Human Services
Criminal History requirements and policies

Oregon State Board of Nursing
Criminal History requirements and policies
These two links will take you to Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) that specify criminal history requirements and policies for both the Oregon Department of Human services AND the Oregon State Board of Nursing. PLEASE visit these sites and review the rules BEFORE the first day of class.

Headmaster Website
Headmaster Testing Services holds the contract with OSBN for testing Nursing Assistants in Oregon as part of the certification process. Visit the website to find:
  • Candidate Handbook
  • Forms you may be asked to use during your state test to document
    vital signs, intake and/or output
  • Instructions for the knowledge (written) test
  • Instructions for the skills test
  • Forms to help you practice for your skills test
Online Course Sign-In page
Thinkific user's log-in page

Testmaster Universe
This is the part of Headmaster's system that interfaces with the OSBN. When you begin the Nursing Assistant program, your instructor will work with you to establish an account on this website.

Hartman Publishing "Nursing Assistant Care: The Basics" Textbook
Chapter 1 is available to read online here
This is the textbook we will be using in class. Please visit this link to read Chapter 1 before the first day of class.

Required Skills - Updated listing coming soon
This document specifies the skills required by the OSBN that must be covered. (Please note that there is additional curriculum content presented during the course). Skills in red MUST be demonstrated in the clinical setting.

Nurse Aide Reimbursement Form

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